Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Your Products Lead and Nickel Free:

Yes, all of our products are lead and nickel free. If we do buy products in the future containing lead or nickel we will disclose it in the description.

Can I Wear Gold Plated Earrings In Water:

We do not recommend it. Gold Plated Earrings will tarnish quicker when exposed to water or sweat. If you would like something more durable to withstand water, we suggest buying one of our gold filled items <3

Will Gold Plated Earrings Tarnish:

Yes, unfortunately Gold Plated Jewelry will tarnish quicker than items like gold-filled due to how they are processed. 


Are Your Stainless Steel Earrings Tarnish and Water Resistant:

Yes, all of our stainless steel products will have in the description if they are tarnish free and waterproof. If they do not have this listed, we don't guarantee their resistance to the elements.

Can You Ship Internationally:

We currently ship to Canada but unfortunately no where else internationally. We do require taxes and fees paid by the customer upon arrival at this time.